High-Impact Sales, Negotiation & Leadership Programme


Not generic, off the shelf, formulaic theory - we provide impactful, useful, business-critical training.

Training by professionals, for professionals.

High-Impact Sales, Negotiation & Leadership

The programme day-by-day.



We are delighted to offer our tailor-made 5 day top executive personal-impact intensive workshop.

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Top acting coach Giles Foreman introduces participants to his renowned situational communication tool, in which he adapts method acting techniques for use in the corporate communications domain.

He combines this with the movement psychology work of his teacher Yat Malmgren - a process originally developed by Rudolf Laban and completed by Yat. It is a comprehensive analysis of human expression - used by actors such as Anthony Hopkins as a way into character - and even by the CIA as a means of studying an individual's behaviour through their movement patterns.


All participants will have their understanding of their own expressive life revolutionised; they will be given an array of tools to open up a new command of their expressive faculties.


There is the theoretical and the practical, the psychological and the physical - all necessary factors in the mastery of personal impact. They will learn how to create an effective personal communication strategy for just about any situation, and how to appear as open and free as any actor.


The process is supported by top physical and vocal coaches from Giles’s acting studio - freeing up and increasing the range and flow of each participant's expressive life. Actors call their body and voice their instrument - it is all important for them to have a wide capacity - to play with many notes.


  • Strictly limited numbers of participants for maximum impact.

  • Central London venue. NEW! Optional 2-Centre Split-delivery,  London & Paris.

Day One: 9 - 7pm

We film a small presentation given by each participant, and feedback is given.

We introduce the Jungian theory of Public Persona, Need and Tragic Flaw.

We explore processes designed to develop each person's capacity to be open, and to communicate with emotional intelligence and freedom.

This is followed with a technical introduction to the voice and body, and to the theory of Movement Psychology.


Day Two: 9 - 7pm

Morning - More voice and movement work.

Afternoon - Situational communication theory and movement psychology.


Day Three: 9 - 7pm

Morning - Improvisation.

Afternoon - Acting and role play, influencing and adapting.


Day Four: 9 - 7pm

Forum Theatre with visiting actors - Emotional Intelligence. Unravelling difficult communication situations and new strategies.

Personal Impact and charisma.


Day Five: 9 - 7pm

Rehearsing the presentation, applying the new tools and understanding.

Filming the presentations and comparing them to those filmed on Day 1.

Final Feedback session

Igniting corporate expertise and creative irreverence to galvanise business

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