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“Bringing companies together for powerful global performance”




A truly extraordinary and enjoyable programme.

Globaliser aims to explore and solve the difficulties, issues, misunderstandings and complexity of international teamwork, cross cultural communication, cultural diversity, creativity innovation and performance.

In short – living a company’s values in a fast paced international business.


The process:

  1. Globaliser starts with a vibrant and powerful 30-minute drama performance, simulating a professional global company in full function…and dysfunction!

  2. The delegates are then asked to act as consultants to this imaginary company, which involves interviewing the characters and helping them solve problems, by coming up with a series of consultancy recommendations and solutions in time to meet a pressing client deadline.

  3. Scenes from the play are re-enacted (spontaneously) to incorporate the conference delegates’ feedback, coaching, and consultancy recommendations to extrapolate strategic logical/interpersonal outcomes and to see what happens next.

  4. Experienced business facilitators and consultants take the delegates through the whole process of thinking, analysing, exploring and living the values in action, with tangible and visible results!


What comes out of it all?

The script is selected to create situations, interactions and conflicts that the group would be able to apply to a joint company mission, and a clear set of values (your values and competencies) to apply to their working lives. That way, everyone knows what is expected of them in terms of priorities, behaviour and attitudes in the workplace. It allows everyone to have a chance of being successful in the most pressured and complicated of business environments.


All the situations in the script highlight the need for the following values and competencies. We can also include your own, and tailor to meet your specific needs/situations/challenges:

  • Client focus

  • Trust

  • Innovation

  • Teamwork

  • Results orientation

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Communication

  • Ability to leverage differences to competitive advantage.



“Solving your company’s problems. 

Developing superior performance”



You are ‘Transformer’ – a top organisational consultancy.

Your job is to advise the company depicted in the 15-minute play that you are about to see.


Your task will be to:

1. Identify

what issues, difficulties, blocks and problems the company has:

  • Organisationally/Culturally

  • Interpersonally

  • Functionally

  • Behaviourally

  • Systemically

2. Brainstorm

a series of recommendations and solutions for performance improvement

3. Devise

a change strategy in an hour and a half, ready for a real meeting with the company (the actors in character).


Your challenge is to influence people in a real-life meeting to accept and have enthusiasm for your ideas, recommendations and solutions!

Three meetings will be held, analysed and discussed in front of the wider team.

The aim is to bring out consultancy learning points and company solutions. A world-class facilitator (with over a decade of corporate and training experience at the highest level) leads the session.




“Visualizing corporate success”



is a one day consultancy programme that propels you into your company’s future, creating dynamic, strategic and competitive market advantage through three important techniques; sensory, cognitive and behavioural. These serve to stimulate both business innovation and passionate attachment to corporate success.


Day 1: Morning

  • Imagineering – powerfully visualising what you want to achieve and how it could be! (Disney technique)

  • What if – breaking down assumptions and restructuring the future your way (based on Edward De Bono’s Po)

  • SCAMPER – products and services innovation technique (Alex Osborne brainstorming concept)

Day 1: Afternoon

  • Spontaneous combustion – unleashing creativity

  • Random Word, Random Picture – pattern-breaking brainstorming techniques (Edward De Bono)

  • The Year 2020 – a guided group collage or painting … the picture of your corporate future!


We also run a 2-day version. This involves all the above, plus planning exercises - who is going to do what, where, when and how to drive this success - and creation of a business communication - play - depicting what the future will be like.

The cost includes a world-class corporate facilitator, top artistic producer and “Globe Master of Acting”. The tailor-made consultancy programme includes all materials for up to 20 people.


Igniting corporate expertise and creative irreverence to galvanise business