GFCA Corporate offers everything from personal-impact programmes to entire change-processes within organisations.



Techniques deployed in the training of actors may be utilised in a variety of ways. This has borne fruit in a series of bespoke programmes, in such diverse companies as Orica, Freeview,  Unilever, Deutsche Bank, Astra Zeneca, Sodexho, BBC, St Luke’s Advertising, Stopgap, McDonalds, Russell Reynolds.


GFCA Corporate offers both bespoke programmes, corporate plays and videos, and pre-designed programmes addressing a number of different subjects. We have modern bright premises based in the heart of London, and Paris, and can also offer programs globally.


We are at the centre of a large network of specialists - writers, voice coaches, movement teachers, improvisation experts, artists, singers, comedians, designers, sound engineers, theatre and film directors - who can each bring to you their innovative perspectives and expertise.


Pre-designed Programmes

Our pre-designed programmes

have already been implemented successfully on behalf of a diverse range of organisations - see our Testimonials page for more information on the results. 


  • Transformer     “Solving your company’s problems. Developing superior performance”

  • Globaliser    “Bringing companies together for powerful global performance”

  • Futurescaper   “Visualizing corporate success”


Executive Personal-Impact programme

We are delighted to offer our tailor-made 5 day top executive personal-impact intensive workshop. Coming soon - please contact us for further information.


Full details on all these Pre-designed Programmes is available here.

Bespoke Projects

A Bespoke project designed specifically for you


Igniting corporate expertise and creative irreverence to galvanise business